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Allow anonymous presenters in a live meeting [MS]

Allow anonymous presenters in a live meeting

This feature is in preview and will be fully available on May 1.

In live meetings, the meeting organizer can give anonymous persons permission to present content. The anonymous presenters must join the meeting using Teams on the desktop or the iPad Teams app. 

To allow anonymous presenters

  1. While scheduling the meeting, on the New live event page, select the Allow external presenters toggle to turn it on.

    Select Allow external presenters under Invite presenters

    Note: Once the event is scheduled, you can turn on this option by double-clicking the event in your calendar and selecting Edit.

  2. Invite the anonymous presenters to the meeting through the invite, or send them the presenter join info after you send out the invite. (To get the presenter join info, open the event in your calendar, scroll to the bottom of the page, and copy the info under Microsoft Teams.)

  3. At the start of the meeting, anonymous presenters who do not have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) identity will enter the meeting lobby when they select the Join link. You must let them into the meeting.


    • An Azure AD identity is a Microsoft email address given to someone by their company, or a personal Microsoft Business account.

    • Users who have an Azure AD Identity but aren't part of your tenant will enter the meeting directly if invited, but still need to be given the presenter role to speak and share content.

    • Internal people that use the presenter join link but weren't explicitly added as presenters will enter the lobby and automatically be made presenters when they're let into the meeting.

  4. During the meeting, manually change the role of anonymous presenters:
    a. Select Show participants in your meeting controls to see a list of all the people in the meeting.
    b. Point to the name of the person whose role you want to change and select More options  Microsoft Teams more options icon  > Make a presenter.

    Select Make a presenter

Once promoted to presenter, anonymous presenters can:

  • Share their audio and video.

  • Share content.

  • View the presenter group chat.

They cannot:

  • Access the meeting Q&A.

  • Remove others from the meeting. 

Note: For now, when Allow external presenters is turned on, people who call in to the event can listen but not speak. Stay tuned, though—this functionality is coming soon! 

For anonymous presenters on an iPad

  • After selecting the Join link, select Join as presenter.

    Select Join as presenter

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