Thursday, January 6, 2022

Add videos to channels and groups [MS]

Use groups and channels to organize your videos and control permissions for your videos in Microsoft Stream. A video can be in any number of groups and channels at the same time.

Add video into groups and channels

  1. In Stream, find a video (for example, through My videos, My channels, My groups, or Browse

  2. Click the More icon, and then click Add to group/channel       alternate text

  3. Find groups or channels you want to add with the Shared with search box       alternate text

  4. Click the group or channel, and then select Add

Who can add videos to groups/channels?

  • If a video is a companywide video, you can add it to any of your groups/channels even if you aren't an owner of the video.

  • If you are the owner of a video, you can add your video to any groups/channels you can contribute to.

Other ways to add

You can also add videos to group/channels as part of uploading a video or editing video details:

Upload video Edit video

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