Monday, January 3, 2022

Add or remove a query criteria row [MS]

You can supply alternate sets of criteria in a query by using additional criteria rows. If a record meets all the criteria for any criteria row, Access includes that record in the query results. If you don't want a particular criteria row to apply anymore, you can delete it. Start with the query open in Design view.

Add a criteria row

Click the row in the query design grid just below where you want the criteria row to appear, and then on the Design tab, in the Query Setup group, click Insert Rows.

Insert Rows button on the Query Tools Design tab

Access adds a new row above the row that you clicked.

Remove a criteria row

Click anywhere in the row, and then on the Design tab, in the Query Setup group, click Delete Rows.

Learn more about query criteria

For an overview of queries, including an overview of using criteria, see the article Introduction to queries.

For examples of using criteria with various types of data, see the article Examples of query criteria.

Criteria are a kind of expression, and the better you understand expressions, the better you will be at specifying query criteria. For an overview of expressions, see the article Learn to build an expression.

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