Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Add or remove page numbers [MS]

You can add or remove consecutive page numbers for an entire publication by working from a master page. If you have multiple master pages in your publication, you need to repeat these steps for every master page you use.

Before starting either of the following two tasks, do the following:

  1. Click View > Master Page.

  2. In the Master Pages navigation pane, click the master page to which you want to add page numbers.

Add page numbers to a master page

  • Click Show Header/Footer, and then click Insert Page Number.

    A header or footer containing a page number mark (#) will appear on the master page. Actual page numbers will appear on the publication pages to which the master page is applied.

Remove page numbers from a master page

  • On the master page, select the header or footer that contains the page number mark (#), select the page number mark (#) inside the header or footer, and then press DELETE.

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