Saturday, January 8, 2022

About setting up hardware - Google Meet hardware Help [gg-meethardware-en]

About setting up hardware

To turn a meeting space into a video conference room, make sure the room, network, and device requirements are complete before installing Google Meet hardware. Then, install the hardware and complete the setup wizard, which adds the device to your organization's domain name.

If your organization is new to or doesn't use Google Workspace, you must verify your organization's domain before enrolling your devices. For details, refer to your welcome email.

Set up hardware



Review the setup requirements

Make sure your room, network, devices, and Google service are ready to go.




Set up your device

Install the Google Meet hardware kit or Chromebox system and place the microphone and camera in the best location.




Enroll your device

Complete the onscreen wizard to select the device settings and add the Google Meet hardware kit or Chromebox system to your organization's network domain.



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