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Guidelines for expandable creatives - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

Guidelines for expandable creatives

Creatives whose dimensions expand when a user interacts with them are known as expandable creatives. Expandable creatives can be assigned to regular display line items, but will only serve on inventory that supports expandable ad units.

Since Display & Video 360 can't host expandable creatives, you must serve expandable creatives from a supported third-party ad server.

Expandable creatives require manual review, which typically takes about 24 business hours. 

When you upload third-party tags, you must set an expanding direction before they can serve. For creatives built with Studio, the expanding direction is automatically detected.

Technical requirements

  • Size: 50 KB to 2.2 MB
  • Expandable directions: The inventory may accept only specific expansion directions. Common directions that offer larger inventory are: down, left, or down and left.
  • User-initiated expand: Creatives may expand on click or on hover, never automatically.
  • Creative closure: Creatives must close on click or mouse off. Must contain a prominent close "X" in 16 point font or larger, in the corner of the creative.
  • Download size: The total file size of all creative files downloaded by a person's browser when an ad serves is limited to a maximum of 5 MB.
  • Cookies: A maximum of 25 cookies can be set per creative.
  • HTTP calls: A maximum of 100 HTTP calls are allowed per creative.

Common expanded dimensions and directions

Display & Video 360 doesn't restrict the dimensions of expandable creatives. This table lists only the most common dimensions, but other dimensions (and expansion directions) are supported based on inventory. To check the dimensions of all available expandable inventory that matches your targeting, use an Inventory Availability report.

Base dimensions Expanded dimensions Direction
468×60 468×210 Down
728×90 728×300 Down
300×250 600×300 Down and left
160×600 400×600 Left
120×600 420×600 Left

Expandable creatives use their base dimensions as their overall creative dimensions.

Mobile dimensions and directions

Base dimensions Expanded dimensions Direction
320×50 320×480 or full screen Up or down
300×50 320×480 or full screen Up or down

SSL compliance

Currently, Display & Video 360 does not answer to non-SSL bid requests if the eligible creative is an expandable creative. This is because there is a high risk that a secure expandable creative will not expand correctly on a non-secure landing page. 

When negotiating private deals for expandable creatives, ask the publisher or exchange to send only SSL bid requests with secure landing pages.

Learn more about SSL compliant creatives

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