Sunday, December 26, 2021

ACOT function [MS]

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the ACOT function in Microsoft Excel.


Returns the principal value of the arccotangent, or inverse cotangent, of a number.



The ACOT function syntax has the following arguments.

  • Number    Required. Number is the cotangent of the angle you want. This must be a real number.


  • The returned angle is given in radians in the range 0 (zero) to pi.

  • If Number is a non-numeric value, ACOT returns the #VALUE! error value.

  • Use the DEGREES function or multiply by 180/PI() to convert the result from radians to degrees.


Copy the example data in the following table, and paste it in cell A1 of a new Excel worksheet. For formulas to show results, select them, press F2, and then press Enter. If you need to, you can adjust the column widths to see all the data.





Returns the arccotangent of 2, in radians (0.4636).


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