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Reporting conversions in Display campaigns - Search Ads 360 Help [gg-searchads-en]

Report on Google Ads conversions

Reporting conversions in Display campaigns

By default, Search Ads 360 cannot track conversions in Google Ads campaigns that are configured for Display Network-only and use keywords to target ads. While Search Ads 360 tracks activity by generating and trafficking clickserver URLs for each keyword, display-only campaigns in Google Ads ignore keyword URLs and use the ad destination URL instead.

To track conversions for these campaigns:

  1. Sign in to Google Ads and enable custom bids for each ad group in campaigns that target Display Network-only and use keywords to target ads.

    What if I don't see a Google Ads option to enable custom bids?

    In Google Ads, go to your campaign settings and do the following:

    1. Make sure the campaign type is set to Display Network only.
      If the campaign includes the search network, Search Ads 360 will be able to track conversions without enabling custom bids.
    2. Under Bidding and budget > Bid Strategy > Focus on Clicks, select I'll manually set my bids for clicks.
  2. In Search Ads 360, sync the engine account.

Enable custom bids for a large number of campaigns

  1. Download Google Ads editor.

  2. Open an account that contains Display Network-only campaigns.

  3. In the ad group view, open an ad group.

  4. Change the ad group's custom bid type to Keywords.

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