Saturday, October 9, 2021

Overview of Ad Manager reporting - Google Ad Manager Help [gg-admanager-en]

Report on performance

Overview of Ad Manager reporting

Create and schedule reports to gather insights

Ad Manager reporting helps you create and schedule customized reports. Here are some of the features offered:

Did you know...
  • All report types, except the Ad Exchange Historical report, are in the publisher's time zone. The Ad Exchange Historical report can be in either a publisher's time zone or in Pacific Daylight Time.
  • When U.S. daylight saving time (DST) begins in March, one hour in reporting doesn't display data. When U.S. daylight saving time ends in November, there is one hour in reporting that contains two hours of data.
  • Ad Manager and Ad Exchange both aggregate statistics continuously. Most data is available in reports within four hours but it might take longer. For Ad Manager and Ad Exchange, statistics for the previous month are frozen after 3 AM Pacific Time on the first day of every month. Learn more about IAB compliance.

Report on Ad Exchange performance in Ad Manager

Ad Manager reporting offers the ability to create the same reports previously generated in Ad Exchange. When you create or edit a report, select the Ad Exchange historical report type.

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